Terms & Conditions – Bookings

Here’s the small print but we’ve made it big & funny so you read it. As with all terms and conditions they are all in our favour so hard luck !!

We are more than happy to reschedule your booking at any time in the future. All deposits have been transferred to our new “flexible deposit”. This means any bookings affected by COVID-19 can change their date and time in the future
We will endeavour to pay people back when we resume trading
Thank you for your understanding and support during these unprecedented times,

Arrival time 
Arrive 5 minutes before your event. If you have booked the 8pm slot this is REALLY IMPORTANT that you arrive on time and not drunk we will refuse you entry and you lose all your dosh. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late your event will be shortened and if you’re more than 45 minutes late don’t bother coming as we have spent your money on beer and pizza. If some of your group are more than 15 minutes late the event starts without them and they lose the cocktail they missed. If one or more of your party turns up drunk we won’t let them in and they won’t get their money back. As it’s gone on beer ..
Adding people
You can add people on the day BUT we will not collect cash from them you will !!! This will then be given to us before the event starts so we can get down the offy and get beer.
What to wear 
Please wear the appropriate clothing for the event.
For Burlesque it is nice to wear burlesque clothing as this will make you feel like you’re actually part of the event – we do however provide feather boas so you just need to bring high heels. For Coyote Ugly experience wear something comfortable – for practice you will have to wear trainers or very comfortable shoes…. for your performance you will be barefoot. (Underwear mandatory) Your song choices will depend on who booked first as we will not repeat songs for different groups. We also withhold the right to prevent you performing if you get too smashed. For Pole dancing it is best to wear shorts and vest tops with trainers. Please understand that the day after you pole dancing lesson sex will be impossible due to your inability to lift or hold anything.
Fancy Dress 
We love fancy dress but not whistles.
People Watching 
(That’s not sitting on the seafront picking holes in women’s dress sense – it’s watching the event) NO !!!! I will explain ……. We do not allow non participants to watch the cocktail making. This is because it is a lesson and although they are not taking part they are still leaning cocktail making. So the cheapskates will have to sit in the bar over the road and wait while you lot get smashed. We do allow a small number to watch the dance events but ask that they sit quietly and don’t talk through the class as this is really f***ing annoying for you and us. Get them to film it. It keeps them busy, makes them feel important but most of all shuts them up.
Your Slot 
The Copper Rooms is an events centre during the day and we are really popular all the time slots are usually taken, if you arrive early for your event or want to have a drink after your event then we are happy to direct you to our mates bar opposite us (Medusa Bar). Your Event lasts up to 90 minutes and once your event has finished you may be asked to sod off in the nicest possible way, so we can set up for the next group. Please understand we do this for everyones’ benefit not because we don’t like you.

Please take these T&Cs in the spirit they are meant “stupid fun” like our events. 

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and sense of fun and set ourselves very high standards. We expect to give you the best hen experience ever and following these simple things will help us do just that. I think by now you may have realised we are not politically correct in fact we make a point of not being PC. So for the easily offended our team will provide ear plugs and blind folds. Please forward this to all the hens in your group so they are aware of what we require.