Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

First thing you need to know is you don’t need a pole each 1 between 4 is fine

Depending on your ability we will teach you all the moves these include hanging off the pole lying in a heap at the bottom of the pole having all your blood run to your head and spinning round the pole. The more able of you will be learn slightly more difficult tricks but to be honest they will mostly  end with you in a heap on the floor. Its great fun and it’s an event that just keeps on giving as you compare your bruises the next day.

As with all our events you can add cocktails and a topless barmen to serve you during  your event

If you order food this will be served at the end of your event.

  • All the Hens will enjoy a glass of Mimosa on arrival
  • Any group size welcome (min payment for 10)
  • Events last up to 90 mins
  • Start time 12pm – 2pm – 4pm  –  6pm


per person

Add some fantastic Extras !!
Pizza Break

Pizza Break

£6 per person

Pizza slices perfect for a mid day snack till dinner, great for both veggies and meat lovers

Topless Cocktail

Topless Cocktail

£5 per person

Enjoy a cocktail FISHBOWL to share served by a hot topless barman, a great chance also for some photos. (1 serves 6)

Bubbly on Arrival

Bubbly on Arrival

From Just £50

Add some Champagne to class up your event arrival (Only available at this price when pre-booking)

Enquire Now

Enquire now for availability and then it is just a £50 deposit to book.

Do you want to know the secrets of pole dancing and seductive dance moves?

Do you want to know the secrets of pole dancing and seductive dance moves?

Pole dancing classes Brighton give an excellent opportunity to spend a lovely time with friends and learn a couple of new moves for any age.

Forget about boring dance classes! We offer you to have a ripping good time with your friends and take some pole dancing lessons. If your boyfriend has not proposed to you yet, he would be unable to resist your charm after the pictures he will see.

You can take our lessons regardless your height, weight and level of fitness. Our instructors will teach you the pole dancing nuts and bolts and reveal some secrets of professional dancers. Pole dancing brings an amazing feeling of lightness in your body and unbelievable feline grace. Don’t worry – there are no judges here, because you are dancing for your own amusement.  You can come out of shell and fling yourself into the world of dance.

Hen dance Brighton classes excellent idea for a party!

If you are tired of trite parties, it’s high time to add a tinge of exotica. Take your friends to pole dancing classes in SEVENTY6 and stage a contest for the best show. We offer you to order some beverages (add a topless barmen with a cocktail each !! ) and food to enjoy your dancing lesson. You are likely to need some refreshment after the classes. Our cooks have prepared you a special menu: pizza and sharing platters, tortilla chips, homemade crunchy breaded chicken goujons, garlic dough balls, homemade potato wedges and chunky battered onion rings with sweet chilli dip. Select meals to your taste and enjoy your rest after a lively dance. Pre-order some Champagne to add luxurious charm to your party.

Topless Cocktails for your hen party!

Only in SEVENTY6 you can try cocktails served in an unusual way. Topless cocktails are spicy entertainment for the entire crowd. Hot handsome barmen will make their best cocktails, and, yes – they will be topless! Do you want some naughty photos? But you’d better not to show them anyone. Let it be your tiny secret. Oh and they go on Facebook hahaha.

The most cheerful dance school in Brighton!

There is nothing more seductive than pole dancing. You can master this art in the very first lesson. It’s easy as a pie – just leave behind you daily troubles and follow the music. Enjoy your dance and we will take care of your party and your guests.