Bare Bum Butler

Bare Bum Butler

  • 1 Butler
  • 1 hour or 2 hours
  • Any group size welcome (min payment for 10 required)
  • At your accommodation

  • All the Hens will enjoy a glass of Bubbly on arrival
  • Any group size welcome (min payment for 10)
  • Events last up to 90 mins
  • Start time 12pm – 2pm – 4pm  –  6pm

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Ok sitting is the new dancing so your best bet is to book a booth and we have 2 bars full of them !!.

Just fill in the form on the right of the Booth page and you are no longer standing with a warm drink in your hand regretting wearing those bloody shoes. Your kicking back relaxing drinking your ice cold Vodka with free mixers and feeling bad for those that didn’t book seating.

Its a no brainer guaranteed entry exclusive seating and discounted drinks.


Venue location

We have 2 bars in Brighton and Hove so you will be emailed which venue your event will be at 1 week before. Coyote Ugly Experience and Pole Dancing always takes place at SEVENTY6 | Preston St.

The venues are only 1min 45sec in a taxi apart so don’t stress.